Blue Sky - Tales Of A Raggy Strat




 Blue Sky 
1. find me a golden street  (Petty)
2. tales of a raggy tramline  (Harris-Bennett)  
3. the rumble  (Isaacs)
4. spring is nearly here  (Bennett-Welch)
5. blue star  (Young-Hayman)
 Axel Reiss   lead guitar
 Ulli Kulka     rhythm guitar, bass & keyboards
 Guitars        Fender Custom Classic Stratocaster
                       Fender 69 Telecaster Thinline
                       Fender Palo Escrito Telecaster
Arranged, recorded & mixed by Ulli Kulka
at Twilight Studio Meckenheim
using Steinberg Cubase SX
          Cover by Ulli Kulka.

          Produced by Blue Sky  2010